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Swim Dojo is a free resource, here to make it easy for you to find a swim workout. We offer workouts for various levels that are filterable by stroke, distance, and type. Interested in learning how to get a good workout in the pool? Training for a triathlon? Trying to get back in shape from your high school swimming days? Just want to look good naked? We've got workouts for you.

We also provide articles, videos, and additional resources to help with training and stroke technique.

For more on finding your level, interval training, and how to read a workout, check out the get started button below.


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If you cannot swim a 200 (8 lengths of the pool) total OR two lengths of the pool without stopping, this site may not be the best resource for you. We would recommend investing in some private, in-person instruction so you can make the most of our workouts. Not sure if you're ready? Take a peek at some of our beginner workouts below and see what you think.



Most pools in the US are either 25 yards (short course) or 50 meters (long course) in length. If you are unsure as to the size of the pool in which you are swimming, check with someone who works there. Our workouts can be done regardless of whether you are swimming long course or short course. For more information on this fascinating topic, click on the button below.



I am not a doctor or registered dietician. This site is intended to provide resources and general guidance. Please always consult a doctor before beginning any type of training plan or dealing with injury.


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